weekly wicked fact #1

How the hell did witches fly on broomsticks? A simple answer would be by using a homemade Mandragora ointment, a more complex one is far more entertaining. The plant commonly known as Mandrake has long had it’s associations with the craft, which comes as no surprise given it’s odd-shaped root resembling that of a human body (hello, Chamber of Secrets anyone?) Not to mention the psychoactive properties produced by the chemicals scopolamine and atropine contained within the root. Euphoria, a wicked high, hallucinations, the whole nine. So what does this have to do with broomsticks or flying? Well folks, it’s been recorded in medieval literature that women would gather outside in the nude to perform rituals of one sort or another, anointing themselves and their ‘staffs’ with the Mandragora ointment. They would then proceed to ride around on their staffs, obviously coming into intimate contact with the trippy salve during the process and there you have it. An extreme body high with visual and audio hallucinations would no doubt have anyone ‘flying’ through the night.