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Confessional #01: The Deepest Circle of Hell is Reserved for Progressed Moon In Scorpio

I spent the afternoon of August sixteenth sipping IPAs out on my balcony, yoga mat in tow. I happen to reside in colorfully crowded Colorado, which has one majorly bipolar weather system, so at the time it was damn near 90 degrees out and not one cloud dared to stray over the divide. I was dying.

I fucking hate the heat but I was bound and determined to sweat it out. The Sun was to be my ego’s pyre and I was waiting for the perfect moment to strike the match. Waiting and fervently refreshing the ephemeris on my phone as I watched every minute of Scorpio slowly creep above the horizon. They say time slows down when you watch it, I can totally confirm this ridiculous theory. After what felt like at least an hour but in reality took less than 20 minutes, the Ascendant finally reached 8 degrees. That was my cue, I raised my sweaty beer in a silent cheers. It was finally over. My progressed Moon had just made it’s way into the icy oasis that is the hell of the desert scorpion.

If you’re in the k’gno (that’s know plus gnosis for all you noobs out there) then I know you feel me right now. The progressed lunar transit through Scorpio is notorious for being among the most difficult time periods one must endure. Probably because this is where the Moon finds itself at “fall”, or in the weakest possible position for its character. Now, please do not correct me if you believe I’m wrong because an INTP does not have time for that, but there is a reason essential dignity is one of the few ancient astrological techniques still regularly used today. With a deep connection to the practice of Horary, it’s no surprise that planetary dignity or debilitation is a far more useful tool when observing the current transits or progressions. Having your natal Moon in 3 Taurus does not guarantee shit, how you activate this point is what’s important. It’s a lot about being in the right place at the right time. Accidental dignity is no joke, J. P. knows all about it.

Millionaire’s don’t use Astrology, billionaire’s do.
– J. P. Morgan

With that being said, my Moon will be progressing to 3 Scorpio before the end of November. This is the exact opposite point of exaltation, so should ultimate doom and gloom be expected? Now, I’m already super ambivalent toward the Moon in regards to it’s role in traditional astrology anyway but this shit is elevating my life to a whole new level right now. Why?

  1. The progressed Moon is FINALLY out of orb with conjunction to my natal Moon at 28 Libra; the progressed Lunar Return is the reason why the 27 Club exists and the Via Combusta is unfortunately known as the most sinister span of the zodiac (the last half of Libra and first half of Scorpio)
  2. The Solar Eclipse in Leo was opposite my natal Sun with an orb of about 1 degree; I was also in Casper, WY at the time of totality
  3. The previous Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius was conjunct my natal North Node, which in turn activated the nodal t-square in my nativity with the apex planet being Pluto (currently sextile transiting Pluto and exact by minutes!)
  4. Low and behold, transiting Pluto is also exactly conjunct my IC at the moment and (FML) retrograding – did I mention I was born in ’90 and happen to have one wicked stellium in the middle of it all?
  5. My natal Pluto just so happens to be ‘stationary’ which is to say neither direct nor retrograde in motion, some astrologer’s believe this effect is massive and can actually dethrone one’s chart ruler

I know, it’s a lot to take in. The most mind blowing thing to me is that there are a ton of you out there going through a similar shift in consciousness right now! Energy manifests in an infinite amount of ways, but at the core there’s one wavelength and if you’ve found yourself here you may be riding it with me or know someone who is. The effects of synchronicity tend to feel stronger during times of crisis rather than plenty. Out of desperation, I spent nearly 4 hours searching online for anything I could dig up about the progressed Moon, nodal transits, Pluto’s possible exaltation, planets at aphelion and perihelion… it quickly spiraled out of control. Alas, there was no point A or B to start from. So, logically, I decided the only solution was to research the subject and volunteer myself as guinea pig. Plus, this would be the comeback post that was going to light the fire under my ass. Ahem, I mean my pyre and all that jazz.

First of all, let me just say that the Moon is most definitely a malefic. Yes, that’s right. Get your boos out now while you still can. Ultimately, this luminary connects us to the much larger planetary cycles at play through it’s 28 day lifespan. The Moon not only reflects the light of the Sun, our conscious ego, on a monthly basis but syncs up with Saturn’s natal return as well (sensing a theme here?) The entire process allows for rapid reflection upon our personal development and gives us a chance to break lifelong patterns of negative behavior. A signature trademark in the charts of serial killers and other deranged folk is major activity concerning the Moon or its Nodes. Why? Because lunar energy is raw, guttural instinct ingrained within the psyche. The cyclical nature of the Moon acts as a sponge, absorbing every moment in our numerous lives. Memory and therefore prejudice and suspicion are all domains of the Moon. It’s no coincidence that the root word for Lunacy is Luna, or moon! Major lunar aspects almost always preceed life altering events, both good and bad. These frequent cathartic releases are necessary for our soul development, both on a physical and metaphysical plane. Like Mars and Saturn, the Moon tests our ability to grow.

2 thoughts on “Confessional #01: The Deepest Circle of Hell is Reserved for Progressed Moon In Scorpio”

  1. Mars on Regulus makes for one radical leader! It’ll be interesting to see how things play out over the next week since Mars hit the eclipse spot this last full moon. Maybe 9/23 will be some revolutionary date, there are more apocalypse rumours making their rounds lol

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  2. Yowza. That was one whopper of a Solar Eclipse having Mars conjunct and most all the outer planets in aspect in one way or another. Radical change could be in your future. As an Aquarian Sun you may be well equipped to handle the radical. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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