Conjured Curiosity Blog Image Murder of CrowsWelcome to Conjured Curiosity– a uniquely eclectic lifestyle blog dedicated to the Hermetic arts of Alchemy, Astrology & Magick. I’m Dahlia and I’d love for you to join our curious community! We are an open collective of arcane seekers and visionaries. We are modern philosophers dedicated to the pursuit of ancient knowledge. We dabble in magick and commune with the moon. We are committed to maintaining the balance between body, mind and spirit. We sing to plants and talk to crystals. But most importantly, we’re ordinary people striving to live up to our fullest potential.

So, here’s to you fellow Conjurer; may your intentions come to fruition and your stash of mason jars never dwindle. Stay curious!
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Conjured Curiosity Blog Image Dahlia Flower Art IconVERITATEM et VIRTUTEM

I do not seek to prove or disprove, but rather to inspire and motivate. Self-empowerment, balance and tolerance define the essential qualities I cultivate within my practice which utilizes a holistic approach toward personal development and self-actualization. The cornerstone of my technique is a fusion of both the Scientific and Socratic methods; I believe that stroke of genius exists somewhere within the synergy between theoretical knowledge and empirical wisdom.

I vow to carefully question, observe and analyze all theories without prejudice or presumption. I strive to embrace all paths of transformation through the use of universal archetypes which transcend the boundaries imposed upon us by race, ethnicity, culture or religion. Magick thrives in the heart of us all. You can hear it in music, see it in art, feel it in literature. No matter the manifestation, we are all one in the web of life.

Fundamental Principles:
Philosophy, Hermeticism & Modern Esotericism, Theology, Ethics & Natural Law, Comparative Mythology & Archetypal Symbolism, Pluralism & Paradox


Conjured Curiosity Blog Image Dahlia Flower Art IconLUX et VERITAS

After years of quiet introspection, I found that my greatest strength resides in my ability to help others know, accept and love themselves more fully. They say curiosity killed the cat but what they forgot to tell you is it’s also one of the best ways to destroy doubt. If perception is reality than we are the creators of that reality. It is my belief that through the gradual acceptance and eventual utilization of the dark center contained within each of our  spirit ‘lights’ we can master the synergy that exists between Yin and Yang. Armed with this great knowledge, we can then move from existing in the shadows to thriving in the light. As the wise C. G. Jung once said:

No tree, it is said, can grow to heaven unless its roots reach down to hell.


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